About Us

Main activity: transport services on routes uncommon.
The organization has three shunting areas adjacent to the railway station Elshanka Privolzhskaya
Production activities (transport of goods) the organization carries out on its own and leased railways uncommon, carrying transport service enterprises in the city of Volgograd on applying – cleaning the freight cars and empty, to / from the place of loading / unloading of enterprises (with the placement of wagons on cargo space and back ).
All railroads are uncommon technical passport, certificate of ownership, the instructions on the order of service and traffic on the way uncommon. Technical state railways uncommon provides security of cargo, including dangerous.
Transportation of hazardous materials at railway sidings, the alignment of the rolling stock to the places of loading, unloading industrial enterprises carried shunting means that LLC “VTC” owns the right of ownership. Used locomotives type: TGM-4. Shunting locomotives / diesel meet the requirements of regulations and the Rules of technical operation of Railways of the Russian Federation. All locomotives have passports stamped on the passage of repairs, technical description and operating instructions.
Maintenance TO-1, TO-2 is its own. Maintenance (3), current, average and major repairs are carried out on the basis of the relevant treaties.
Master and his assistant shunting locomotives have a certificate of competence for diesel locomotives, with periodic attestation deadlines.
In 2014, OOO “VTC” provides transportation services for more than fifty industrial enterprises.
Given the responsibility of the customer for the quality of work, the importance of continuous improvement in order to improve the management of processes, of “BTK” in 2012 was certified its activities in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008.